& then I said to myself, why not me?


I’m impatient. My short stature and stylish demeanor have lead me no where other than a life of career-confusion and anxiousness. I mean, I’m 24 – how am I not living my dream by now?! I went to school to gain my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in graphic design. I’ve known I wanted to be a graphic artist since I took a career placement test in the 7th grade… though I should have known way before then when my love for page layout was displayed in scrapbook pages.

Since graduating, trying to envision where I’ll end up in life has become complicated. Oh, the #postgradprobs! But to be honest, I don’t think I could have picked a better first job than where I am now. I get to get my hands on more than just a keyboard, working in a combo of letterpress design, high-end event design, and the occasional styled magazine shoot. I’m gaining experience in so many creative outlets. It’s been truly rewarding but I’m not settled… all the pieces haven’t come together for me yet.

I started this blog as a building block. I want to be so many things in life. A writer. An interior designer. A chef. A marathon runner. A fashion-guru. A textile designer. A motivational speaker. The list is never ending. I think I’ve always had bits and pieces of these profiles in me but in this fast-paced life, who has time to discover that? First we transition into college… then we start our first year in the real world… There is such an urgency to grow up, to transition into adulthood. I don’t want to just delicately transition. I want to do it with the flare of the professionals that I admire: Gwyneth Paltrow & Goop, Jamie Meares & Furbish Studio, Erin Gates & Elements of Style


I want to be so many things in life. A writer. An interior designer. A chef. A marathon runner. A fashion-guru. A textile designer. A motivational speaker.


After a year and a half out of college, it was time I evaluated my little adulthood transition. Honestly, it was time I gained some confidence and say to myself why the hell not?! I’ve always had friends oogle over how I designed my home, I’ve had experienced professionals compliment me on my attire, I’ve had complete strangers ask me where I got my jewelry. Little did they know: I refurbished half of my furniture. I got the Michael Kors look-alike skirt from Forever 21. I made the necklace.

I’ve never thought of myself as a trend setter. In fact, I’ve been known to be the “artsy” one. I remember my best friend (yes, you) making fun of my oxford shoes my sophomore year of college. “They are SO clown shoes!” What do I say to her now that oxfords have made it on every girl’s Pinterest board? HA! I’ll give it a month until she has some of her own.

Today, I like to think of myself as eclectic : (n. deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources). This eclectic style and disposition is my starting point to every thing I want to be in life. This blog is too. Now, with my mac in my lap and a camera around my neck, I’ll be logging this transition into the oh-so-fab thing called adulthood. Wish me luck!



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