blanc’s guide to floral arrangements


Girl Problem #12892582: We all want flowers, damn it.

Well, if you could look up a yearbook picture of me in middle school, the quote underneath my photo may have been something along the lines of  “b-ball > flowers”. In fact, I spent half of my childhood playing hot wheels with my little brother in the back room of my mom’s flower shop – which has always been something I majorly regret. Why didn’t I pick up a stem and start crafting? As boyish as I was at age 10, I was artistic enough to dabble, wasn’t I?

Today, I find myself in quite the opposite predicament. I have become a flower-loving female for Pete’s sake! And I don’t waste any time nagging* my boyfriend for them when my BFF Instagrams her “just because”/”he’s the best” valencia filter, flower shot. It’s all in fun… he knows I’m kidding…….. right?

*Sidenote: He does get me flowers (amongst many gifts). I’m just greedy and think it’s fun to get on his nerves. Evil? Maybe. 😉

With the holiday of chocolates – I mean love – coming up, I thought to myself: what could be more useful than a cheat sheet to creating the perfect floral arrangement? Why this thought popped into my head, I’m not really sure considering I have honestly never made a floral arrangement in my life. But then I’m reminded, floral arrangements are an art form, and art all follows the same rules. So, my Sunday afternoon consisted of a $15 trip to Trader Joe’s, a handful of flowers, and some crafting.

Flower Arrangement Anatomy

FlowerAnatomyBlancGathering Tips:

  • Choose flowers with various sizes: large, medium-large & medium-small, and small
  • Look for textures (I added a succulent I had in my kitchen)
  • Pick from your yard (I have a great magnolia tree next to my entryway. The greenery is from that!)

My Flower Choices (from left to right): hydrangeas, astartea (also called wax flower), and gerber daisies.


Arranging Tips:

  • Create a focal point and build around that (highlight it with greenery or small budded flowers)
  • Overlap the lip of your vase (this adds dimension). This is called “breaking the edge.”
  • Vary sizes, colors, and textures throughout your piece
  • Think balance (not symmetry): in size, colors, and height

Blanc Floral TutorialMy motto: just go for it. There is no wrong way and the more you practice, the better you will get. Gift your creations to a teacher, a boss, or a loved one this Valentine’s Day. Share your arrangements on social media with the hashtag #boldwithblanc.

Have questions? Comment below.


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