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Last month, I featured the all-knowing fashionista, Luisa (creator of Peaches to Pearls) and her #eatpretty challenge. For 5-weeks, challenge participants chose to eat clean to better their bodies, step by step. With the start of 2015, resolutions are all around us: eat better, go to the gym more, save money. But I’ve noticed one resolution is always left out. It’s not the resolution that gets us the beach bod or the car we want. It’s not the one that lands us the job or kicks an unhealthy habit…

One of my favorite blogs to spend an entire day on is The Everygirl. In fact, it was looking through their Home Tour posts everyday that made me finally start Blanc. On most home tours, they like to end the interview with the question: “What would you tell yourself at 23?” Each and every blogger, artist, fashion designer and CEO say the same thing:

Start now. Never let others make you feel insecure about something you are passionate about. There is no time like the present.

After reading interview after interview, those words really resonated.

Growing up, my mom and dad taught me to have a unique kind of confidence: a don’t mess with me attitude with a sarcastic twist. I’ve always been a “you do you, boo” and “believe-in-yourself,” kind of girl. As I continue to grow and the world changes around me, so do my insecurities. I mean literally, I’ve posted an Instagram just to take it down because I wasn’t sure it was cute enough. Lordddd! *embarrassing*

So let’s go back to this unhealthy habit. The one we all can’t seem to shake: insecurities, especially in the creative world.

 Pop Quiz:

  1. Have you ever looked at a friend’s IG photo and teased them about how “artsy” their new pic is?
  2. Have you ever changed out of the trendy Forever 21 top because you just weren’t sure if it was too “alternative” or not?
  3. Have you ever looked at a professional you admire and thought, “I could do that…” yet never pull the trigger?

It’s a pretty silly concept: we are taught to explore our creativity as we grow, but once we’re grown, it’s put down. As juvenile as the term “bullying” sounds, isn’t it, in a way, what we’re doing to each other? Or even more-so, to ourselves?

Lucky for us, people are speaking out. Every time I see a quote I love on social media, I screenshot it and keep it for an uninspired day.

Currently on my iPhone:

girl talk - blanc

My favorite quote of all is the one I put together above: “You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones building ones another up, instead of tearing each other down.”

So here it is – all on the line – my challenge for you:

30 days of #talkprettytome

For the next month, focus on building others up, along with yourself, rather than tearing them down. When others start the smack talk, don’t add to the conversation because, it’s true what they say, you can always tell who the strong women really are…

Share your #talkpretty quotes and sayings with me on social media and use the hashtags #talkprettytome #boldwithblanc. I’ll be sharing my favorites all month long!


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